Our Charity of The Year


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So this year I decided to make 2018 as epic as possible. And to do so by taking on a few challenges to raise money for a great cause.

I have been involved with different hospices since I was 13 years old and have always admired how much they provide and just what it takes to keep going.

After so many of our clients have found huge value in what Rowcroft provide, I decided to make them our charity of the year.

As well as the more adventurous challenges, we will be hosting different in house events such as raffles, sponsored leg waxing, tea party’s etc.

Check out our Facebook page  for all the latest, and we’d love your support in anyway possible :)

To show your support, please visit our page on JustGiving here.

Events so far:

* 5k Monster Mud Race 17th March 2018

* Torbay Half Marathon 24th June 2018

* Swedish Canoe Challenge 18th-25th July 2018

* Eden Project Marathon 14th October 2018

With big thanks

Debs and the team at Willow Well-being

P.s. If you love the sound of what we’re doing, come join us at Team Willow. Call us for more info on 01803 605260.

Update- Challenge One

5k Monster Mud Race, Escot Park, Exeter ~ 17th March 2018

So we arrived at Escot park at 9am on Saturday morning, ready for a 10 am start. It was already starting to snow and it was bitterly cold with a biting wind.

David did double check if I REALLY did want to do this, but hey ho, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Plus I know I couldn’t let you all down :)

Queuing up at the starting line, I just couldn’t wait to get going. I started towards the back as I thought that’s where I’d finish up and running through the woods, away from the wind felt great. In my mind, I thought that there was one obstacle at every Km. In reality, there were 20 obstacles! With over half of them being water based, I was soaked from head to toe from the beginning.

From crawling through the mud under barbed wire, to jumping in to ditches, climbing up A frames and sliding down into a pit of freezing water, carrying sand bags and logs up hills- it was so much fun!

The last Km was the hardest. By this point I had been in and out of the water about 12 times and the cold was gripping me. I couldn’t feel my hands or feet at all, but, with the finish in sight, I somehow managed the last few obstacles.

Passing the finish line and seeing David waiting for me, I nearly cried. I think it was a whole mixture of emotions. I suddenly became aware of how absolutely freezing I was and how I needed to get out of my wet clothes asap.

It proved to be a task in itself given I couldn’t feel my hands. After battling for a few minutes, I knew I couldn’t get my leggings off so made do with a big coat and blanket.

David informed me that the event was being cancelled due to the weather and we watched as someone was air lifted to hospital, it was clear that the conditions were becoming quite serious.

I’m so thankful that after 45 mins in a warm car, I eventually stopped shivering and had a nice hot bath and fire to look forward to when I got home. Thankfully, everyone who took part also recovered well.

The event taught me so many things (and reminded me of a few others):

  • We are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for
  • Our bodies can deal with so much
  • In any given moment we have a choice about how we view the world and can choose to make that something that can ultimately help or hinder us
  • Community, and the support of people, is so important and keeps the fire going within us when it feels just a flicker

I want to say a HUGE thank you to all those who have sponsored me so far, you have no idea how much you kept me going. And to anyone who is doubting just what they are capable of right now, hear this:


 The community and support that Rowcroft provides in priceless- to help keep that going click here to donate.