Massage Packages

Here at Willow, we are deeply passionate about the power of massage.

Massage can; relieve migraines and tensions headaches, ease stress and tension, alleviate pain and muscle strain.

Regular massage can provide huge ongoing benefits for your body, as well as providing much needed time and space for you, relaxation, and peace for your mind.

It’s why we offer amazing massage packages. They provide so many benefits:

  • You save ££’s compared to purchasing massages individually
  • You have the peace of mind of knowing you have massages to look forward to
  • You receive a FREE Acupressure Head Massage
  • You can choose whether you want a Swedish, Hot Stone or Deep Tissue Massage for no extra cost
  • They are super flexible

So all you need to do is choose which package is best for you!

 You can purchase these packages at the time of your massage appointment, or they also make the perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

Visit our on-line shop here to buy now as a gift voucher.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Whilst we do not set a date for these packages to be used by, we have the right to withdraw them at anytime
  • The massages purchased as part of this deal cannot be redeemed with Debbie
  • You may split the package with one other person only
  • Packages must be paid for in full to get the discount and benefits